PS5 100 times faster than PS4, in video all the new details on the Sony console


During the afternoon, new information about the technical potential of PlayStation 5Sony’s next generation console which should be incredibly more powerful than its predecessor.

According to Sony, which spoke about the new gaming machine in a meeting with the shareholders, PlayStation 5 will be 100 times faster than PlayStation 4. No comparisons have been made with PlayStation 4 Pro, the latest model of the console that will still be much lower in speed than the PS5, whose custom SSD seems unrivaled. Waiting to find out more details on the console, we have released a video to collect all the latest information recently published to better understand what the repercussions will be on the games thanks to such speed.

Before leaving you to our new video we remind you that, according to the words of the journalist Jeff Grubb, the price of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will remain a mystery until next August. About the Sony console and the possible exclusive titles in development, did you know that Bluepoint could be working on the Legacy of Kain and Jak and Daxter Remakes?

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