PS4 games to be released from July 13 must run on the next gen with the new Sony certification –


THE PS4 games newer must be able to also work on PS5, this appears to be a precise directive of Sony given to developers, through a new system of compatibility certification for cross-gen.

According to what reported by, it seems that starting from July 13 this new system will come into force in an obligatory form, intended to provide an official certification on the expanded compatibility of games between PS4 and PS5. In essence, i cross-gento be such, they will have to have some sort of official certification and probably go through a certain specific process in order to be considered officially compatible for PS4 and PS5.

In practice, the question of compatibility between PS4 and PS5 may not be automatic, at least from the official point of view: according to a new one documentation released by Sony to developers, which Eurogamer has somehow managed to see, it seems that a specific option has been included in the devkit PS4 already at the end of April which allows you to test the games so you can be sure that they work on PS5.

It shouldn’t be a big problem from a technical point of view, but a necessary passage to guarantee the public that the PS4 game will also work on PS5 without problems. It’s basically about selecting aoption in the development process, but that must also consist of a test that the game you are working on also works without problems on PS5.

Sony has recommended developers to contact the company directly for details on how to test PS5 compatibility, as we are still in the first phase of this new procedure.

The question ofobligatoriness will start from July 13: all games that have been certified by Sony for release on the market before that date are not required to have the official compatibility certification on PS5, which is however “strongly recommended” by the Japanese company, but all PS4 games that will be certified for release on the market after July 13 will have to be officially compatible with PS5, apparently.

To give examples, both The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima may not have the certification of compatibility on PS5, being subjected to the final classification before July 13, although obviously being first party of this caliber they probably will already be equipped with it.

It must be said that the certification seems to simply attest to the fact that the games are technically capable of running on PS5, but there are still no precise details as to whether or not a certain level of performance is ensured in terms of resolution and frame-rate (increase in resolution, increase in fluidity and the like).

We therefore look forward to official information, including for the public, regarding the backward compatibility of PS5, also because this new process seems destined for new cross-gen games rather than guaranteeing the functioning of the older titles on PS5.

We also await details on the specific system cross-buy of Sony, which could be assimilated to Microsoft’s Smart Delivery, while the latter has recently clarified further how backward compatibility is intended to work on Xbox Series X.

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