PS4 games at less than 5 euros discount, the best offers


As we always say to you, you can play cheaply, all the more thanks to the sales on the PlayStation Store. Sony’s online store often offers games for less than 20 and 10 euros, but you can also have fun on a lower budget …

Full games for less than 5 euros? We’re not kidding, let’s see together what the PlayStation Store offers in this price range, examining only the games and therefore excluding DLC, Season Pass and expansions.

Let’s start by quoting Monopoly Deal at 2.99 euros, SteamWorld Dig at 2.49 euros, Erica and Fantavision at 4.99 euros each, Slender The Arrival at 2.49 euros, Late Shift at 2.99 euros, Chaos in Deponia, Deponia Doomsday, Goodbye Deponia and Deponia at 4.99 euros and again Headspun at 3.99 euros, Resogun to 4.99 euros and The Unfinished Swan for 4.99 euros.

The list continues with AER Memories of Old at 4.99 euros, SteamWorld Heist at 3.59 euros, Arca’s Path VR at 3.49 euros, Crypt of the NecroDancer at 3.99 euros, Valiant Hearts The Great War at 4.99 euros and again Overlord The Scourge Company at 3.99 euros and Friday The 13th The Game at 4.39 euros, without forgetting Agents of Mayhem proposed for only 2.99 euros.

Hurry because the offers mentioned will only be available for a limited period of time … have you already decided what to buy? Let us know in the space below dedicated to comments.

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