prototype of a SpaceX rocket exploded in Texas


Especially these days we often talk about SpaceX, which in collaboration with NASA launched a rocket into space fifty years after landing on the moon. After some initial difficulties, yesterday the launch was finally successful. However, in Texas a few hours earlier another Starship’s prototype has exploded.

The launch that took place yesterday is not connected to the exploded prototype launch, although both are a project of the same company. Starship name of the prototype involved in the explosion – it seems doomed to failure. The prototype, in fact, continues not to pass the tests it undergoes, until the explosion last night which was the icing on the cake. The spaceship was used in ground tests at the company’s testing facilities in the south of Texas. SpaceX did not release official comments on the incident.

SpaceX is a success in California, the same cannot be said for the base in Texas after the umpteenth explosion of Starship

The spaceship, rocket more than 100 meters, it is designed to carry people on board e 100 tons of cargo on the Moon and Mars. It is the new generation fully reusable launch vehicle designed by the space company. In addition, it is Musk’s flagship. In fact, Elon wants to make space travel accessible for anyone, or at least for those who have enough money to afford a ticket. In March, Musk shared new images, following a series of explosions that destroyed previous versions of the rocket.

The southern Texas facility is located next to a small neighborhood that SpaceX has tried to buy to test various rockets, but some residents have accused Musk’s lawyers of insufficient appraisals. SpaceX is among the three companies that were awarded a billion dollars by NASA last month to develop missile systems capable of transporting goods and people to the moon. SpaceX has proposed Starship. The FAA granted the space company a license Thursday to begin Starship’s first suborbital flight tests, although it was unclear when those tests would occur. And yesterday, during one of these tests, there was the fateful explosion.

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