Protests over the death of George Floyd


Hundreds of people protested in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States, for George Floyd, the black man who died on Monday 25 May after a white policeman had violently pressed his knee to his neck for several minutes: the police had spoken of a “medical accident” giving an official version later denied by several witnesses and other videos. After that, the investigation was entrusted to the FBI and four agents were fired, but not yet charged.

A man shows policemen the mask of a pig, Minneapolis, May 27, 2020 (Jeff Wheeler / Star Tribune via AP)

Demonstrations against police violence have been going on for two days and have been mostly peaceful. On Wednesday night, however, there were episodes of anger and violence: one shop was looted and there was a fire in another. Both were located near the police station where the four fired officers worked. The police reacted by shooting tear gas. It is not yet clear whether there have been arrests or if any protester has been injured. Not far from the site of the protests there was then a shooting: one man died and another was arrested, but local newspapers do not specify whether the case has any connection with the demonstrations for Floyd’s death.

Minnesota governor Tim Walz spoke of an “extremely dangerous situation”, the mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey – who immediately criticized the police force – asked not to add tragedy to tragedy and the chief of police Medaria Arradondo He said he ordered the use of tear gas only after the violence and looting, adding that he still wanted to commit to protecting the right to demonstrate. He pointed out that most people took to the streets peacefully, but that there were groups that committed criminal acts. Arradondo then asked for peace and patience so that the investigation can continue.

Protesters showed signs saying “Black Lives Matter”, that is “the lives of blacks are important”, which is also the name of a movement against violence against blacks, and “I can’t breathe”, “I can’t breathe, ”the words Floyd said while he was on the ground and the policeman pressed his knee to his neck. The scene was filmed in a video by a witness. New videos then seem to rule out the thesis put forward by the police that George Floyd, suspected of attempting to sell a counterfeit banknote, resisted the agents who wanted to arrest him. In the images of the cameras of the restaurant in front of which he was stopped, Floyd is seen with the handcuffs behind his back which makes no resistance when the policeman guides him towards the patrol car. Various protests have also been organized in other cities in the United States, including Los Angeles.

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