Protests in the US, an agent and a protester died


A federal building security officer he was killed by blows explodedduring protests last night in Oakland. The Californian city police announced this, stating that a second agent Federal Protective Services he was injured, as reported by the CNN.

The two agents were on duty in front of the federal building in downtown Oakland when they “were hit by gunfireunfortunately one of them died of his injuries, “said local police.

The death of a policeman last night in Oakland, it is not linked to protests over the death of African American George Floyd. The agent was killed in a shooting less than a kilometer from the police headquarters besieged by demonstrators. However, Oakland police said that “the shooting apparently is not related to last night’s demonstrations.”

MANIFESTANT KILLED – In Detroit a man was killed by gunshots shot by someone inside an SUV in the direction of the demonstrators. The spokeswoman for the Michigan city police department said that the incident took place yesterday evening at 11.30 p.m. local time near the Greektown district, where clashes took place between demonstrators and agents. The victim is a 19-year-old who was pronounced dead on arrival in the hospital.

THE ARRESTS – I’m over 200 peoplearrested in New York for clashes during last night’s protests over the death of African American George Flyod. A New York police source, cited by CNN, reported it. The same source reported that over 40 police cars were damaged and more than a dozen police officers were injured.

The wave of protests in the United States over the death of African American George Floyd is also linked to inequalities in the face of the epidemic of the coronavirus. Democratic governor of New York state, George Cuomo, said this today, referring to the fact that in the country the contagion is more widespread among the poor and ethnic minorities. “Covid looks like a health issue, but on a deeper level it’s a matter of inequality in health care. And then there is the case of George Floyd, which deals with inequalities and discrimination in the criminal justice system. They are connected, “said Cuomo, quoted by CNN.

A flurry of arrests also in Los Angeles during the protests of the last hours. Here they were on Friday night stops between 400 and 500 people, as Los Angeles Police Department spokesman Josh Rubenstein confirmed to CNN. The exact data – on arrests and injuries – will arrive in the next few hours, he specified.

TRUMP ATTACKS THE MAYOR OF MINNEAPOLIS – Donald Trump attacks the Democratic Mayor of Minneapolis on Twitter, accusing him of being too weak in the face of protests over the killing of African American George Floyd. “Mayor Jacob Frey of Minneapolis will never be confused with the late, great general Douglas McArthur or the great fighter general George Patton. How come all the places defended so badly are led by liberal democrats? Do the tough and fight (and stop the bad guys.) You need strength! “tweeted the American President. “They are ‘Organized Groups’ that have nothing to do with George Floyd. Sad!” Trump had tweeted earlier. The president said it was all the fault of the “radical left”.

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