Protest under the US consulate for George, killed by police in America


A cardboard with that phrase on it – “I can’t breathe”, “I can’t breathe” – which has almost become his “testament”, his legacy to the protests. And then many others to say that “without justice there is no peace”, that no, “we will not be silent” and that the time has come to say enough of the murders of black people.

The long wave of protests for the death of George Floyd, the 25-year-old African American who died Monday in Minneapolis, in the United States, during a police check also arrives in Milan. American law enforcement officers at first spoke of a “medical accident” but were widely denied by amateur videos showing an agent who long pressed his knee to the boy’s neck, who repeatedly repeats “I can ‘t breathe “before I die.

On Thursday afternoon, the demonstrators, many of whom from the Cantiere social center, met under the US consulate in Milan and expressed all their disappointment and anger. “We have joined the cry of struggle and pain that is shaking Minneapolis. George Floyd died because racism permeates the way we perceive things – they explained -. We live immersed in a racist system, which divides humanity into scales of values, which define the possibility of existing or not, living or dying “.

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“Racism is taught, handed down, constantly built. Spreading messages that make black people perceive as different and dangerous leads to this – their attack -. Blaming those who react to this unjust death leads to this. Black lives are worth . Our lives are worth. ”

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