Project xCloud gets 5 more games for use in cloud gaming, with a recent Microsoft exclusive –


Project xCloud still expands its catalog of titles that can be used with others 5 games added in recent hours by Microsoft, therefore usable in cloud gaming on mobile platforms Android, with the iOS ones still in the preliminary testing phase.

Among the titles in question there is also a very recent novelty, that is Ori and the Will of the Wisps, the wonderful metroidvania-style action adventure from Moon Studios, which being an exclusive production Microsoft obviously found its way to xCloud very soon after its release on standard platforms.

So let’s see thelist of the five new games added to the Project xCloud catalog in the past few hours:

Project xCloud is currently underway beta test extended: access is free but with a limited number, to apply simply fill out the form at this address and you can be selected to join the trial period, which allows free access to all the games in the catalog , currently already more than 50.

Registrations are also open in Italy for the preview, while we wait to understand how Microsoft will intend to allow access to the service once it is in definitive form. Phil Spencer has however made it clear that Project xCloud will join the Xbox Game Pass in 2020, so we look forward to more information about it.

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