production of 500X and Renegade stops in Melfi


STOP AT 500X AND RENEGADE – The automotive world is suffering from the consequences of the coronavirus epidemic like and perhaps even more than other sectors of the industry. So after the forced stop of two months, which was followed by the resumption of activities after May 4, in the factory FCA of Melfi the temporary block returns to the production of the Fiat 500X and of Jeep Renegade, from 11 to 30 June. The demands of a market that has reached its historical minimum are too scarce (here to find out more) and will find it hard to recover.

LESS EVIL THAN THERE IS COMPASS – The metalworkers’ union (Fiom) however considers the intention of the company to continue investing in the Lucanian plant to arrive at the doubling of production workers by the end of June Jeep Compass, whose line remains active also in the coming weeks, which would go from about 600 to 1,200 today. The production of Compass for the European market has just been moved to Melfi from Mexico (here to know more).

UNTIL 30 JUNE – The news was confirmed by the various trade organizations, at the end of a meeting with the company for the joint examination of the social safety nets to be used until June 30 next.

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