Procurement, Renzi calls for a 120 billion shock plan – Politics


“Now we want to concretize, all together. This is especially true for construction sites. I said in the courtroom: I don’t want one more undersecretary, I want one more construction site. If we free up € 120 billion on construction sites, Italy will be able to face the post-Coronavirus crisis differently. The shock plan will save thousands of jobs. ” Matteo Renzi, leader of Iv, writes it in his Enews. “Every building site unlocked are families who recover the right to the future. And they are useful works for the country. Every day we lose is a day lost for everyone”.

As learned from DEM sources, Minister Paola De Micheli intends to bring to the Council of Ministers in June, as an annex to the Def, a 196 billion plan of works already financed and to be implemented for the next 15 years, with the aim to “ground” between 15 and 20 billion within the next year. And it is from the “De Micheli plan”, the Dems explain, that the Pd intends to start again: “A concrete, real plan of the construction sites that works on the concept of transparent competition of construction companies”. Some rules, it is explained, could be anticipated and included in the simplification decree that the government is working on. The idea is that the procurement code should be improved by taking the good things that are there and correcting those that have not worked, in the knowledge that on some points there is already a convergence between the majority parties and the operators in the sector . As for the commissioners, the idea is to introduce them “for works that require the solution of complexities that are difficult to overcome with normal administration”, such as construction sites stopped due to judicial stratifications. The plan proposes negotiated procedures below the European threshold of five million euros; simplification of some procedures for financing major works, starting from the program contracts of Anas and Rfi; simplification of authorizations and reduction of design levels.

” Genoa – said De Micheli – was a huge operation, of satisfaction for that city and for the whole country. I hope it cannot be replicated because it was born of a tragedy for the country. We have to get there before something like this happens in Genoa – the minister continues -. Try to put a brake on these old infrastructures and where maintenance has not been done for a long time. ”

The Genova model for construction sites, as said today by Minister Paola De Micheli, has “worked well” in some aspects such as anti-mafia protocols and job security. However, Pd sources reason, it is clear that Genoa had some conditions that cannot be replicated: “It is not easy to always find someone who gives a project for a great work, we will not have a financing system at the bottom of the list like that of the Genoa decree, we will not even have the ease of authorizations for a work that was to replace an existing work, in exactly the same place and with the same function. If we talk about the Model Genova for everything – they underline from the Democratic Party – it means not knowing the reality of the mechanisms basis of our regulatory system, to protect the safety of people and against mafia infiltrations “.


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