Procedure for obtaining secondary school qualification: tenured teachers also participate. The FAQ


The extraordinary secondary school procedure is underway, aimed at accessing the qualification paths. Permanent teachers, requirements can also participate.

Presentation of the application

from May 28 to July 3, 2020

What are the requirements for tenured teachers?

  • three years of service carried out in any level of education between the 2008/09 and 2019/20 school years.
  • They must have the valid educational qualification for access to the required class of competition, but they have the exception on the specific service year.

In fact, the notice specifies “Permanent teachers of state schools can participate in the procedure in derogation from the requirement referred to in paragraph 1, letter b), provided they meet the requirements referred to in letters a) and c)” Complete requirements

The specific Ministry “will not be required to declare, among the three years of service provided for access, one year of service on the specific class of competition for which they are requesting participation.”

How do you declare the service?

Please note that for access, the candidate must declare at least
3 years of service between 2008/09 and 2019/20, of which at least one
lent in the specific competition class, each of at least 180

The tenured candidates will be able to derogate from the
requirement of an annuity on the specific competition class.

The candidate may also declare multiple periods in each school year, provided that the sum of the periods is equal to 180 days within the year

In the event that the candidate has served
continuously from February 1st until the end of the activities
didactic, the relative declaration may appear without indicating the
start and end dates of the service.

How will the qualification be acquired?

Selective written test + qualification path

The extraordinary procedure consists of a computer based written test consisting of 60 multiple choice questions lasting 60 minutes

The test concerns the program referred to in Annex A, which contains the parts of the programs relating to the ordinary competition for qualifications and exams subject to the written test, as modified pursuant to Article 1, paragraphs 9 letter d) and 10 of the Decree-Law. For foreign language competition classes, the written test takes place entirely in the language itself.

The test consists of 60 closed-ended questions with four answer options, one of which is correct, divided as follows:
to. disciplinary skills related to the class of competition: 40 questions;
b. didactic / methodological skills: 20 questions.

The correct answer is worth 1 point, the undated or incorrect answer is worth 0 points.

The minimum score to pass the test is 42/60.

What is the program of the written test?

Written test program

Even permanent teachers, once they pass the test of the extraordinary competition, will have to access the training course for the acquisition of the qualification.

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