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After a period of markdowns due to the sudden drop in fuel demand, now i petrol and diesel prices they go up again. The idyll did not last long for Italian motorists, and it is time to return to normal – sigh! – also in this area.

Going to evaluate the average prices on a national scale, the petrol it passed from € 1.356 per liter (figure taken the week before the reopening of May 18) to 1,378 euros per liter of this week. Not to mention the served, which has reached peaks of 1,520 euros per liter.

At the same time, the cost of the diesel has undergone a substantial increase in the same period, going from 1,247 euros per liter to 1,264 euros per liter for self service. Here, too, the served skyrockets, reaching 1,410 euros per liter. In the context of LPG, the served costs 0,586 euro per liter and the methane 0,980 euros per kg.

Rising petrol and diesel prices were too swift according to UNC

On the other hand, the cost of these materials has risen too quickly, as also witnessed by the initiative of the National Consumer Union which submitted a request to the Government for the reduction of excise duties. As he points out Massimiliano Dona, president of the UNC, it is shameful that as soon as the vehicles have returned to circulate regularly for the normal movement of citizens, also the fuel prices have suffered such an important price increase.

And where we cannot go to syndicate on the cost, unfortunately the result of higher demand and market laws, at least we could try an approach in the decrease taxes per liter of gasoline, diesel, LPG or methane, thus alleviating the burden on Italians’ portfolios.

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