President Toti meets childhood nursery owners. “At work for a common restart. Clear rules are needed to ensure child safety”


“Our goal is to meet the needs of mothers who have children between 0 and 3 years old and they don’t know if they can keep their job because nothing is foreseen in the government’s dpcm for services that concern this age group. On this front we are working as regions together to try to provide for a common restart. If it is not possible we are ready to work independently to give answers even to this forgotten age group “. The president of the Liguria region said so Giovanni Toti this afternoon during themeeting with mothers, educators and kindergarten holders that from one day to the next you are rfound without knowing anything about the reopening structures and the possibility of being able to keep your job.

The vice-president and health assessor also took part in the meeting Sonia Viale and the Regional Councilor for Training Ilaria Cavo who reiterated their willingness to respond to families.

“As the Liguria Region we want to make all the places that deal with the survive younger children. Until now, however, there has been a gap in government guidelines, given that the latter decree does not provide for their reopening – stressed the councilors Viale and Cavo – As Liguria Region we have taken on the responsibility for opening catering, sports facilities and to anticipate the opening of summer camps on June 1 and we are willing to fill the gap of 0-3 years, that’s why we are working within the national commission to make this happen. There is of course a responsibility for employers who must have clear rules in order to be able to operate in total safety, both for those who work inside and for the children who are welcomed. “

“Everything has developed since Sunday – underlined the vice-president and councilor for health Sonia Viale with the entry in phase 3. Right now as Region Liguria we are working to define completely part 3-6 as regards the filing of the projects of the managing bodies in the various municipalities which must be examined by the ASL and on this tomorrow we will make the technical point. The same procedures that will be taken for the starts from 3 to 6 years, they will also be valid for the 0 – 3 years “.

“About this – added the Councilor for Education Ilaria Cavo has been activated a childhood team in which the Association also participates “together“That we met today in full spirit of I listen of all the needs that concern children and therefore families and structures. The notice with which we will issue the resources for summer camp services it is open to all subjects. We have allocated € 2 million for the 7 to 17 year old part and € 4 million for the 0 – 6 year old part. It is a contribution we make to cover the cost difference that the managing bodies will have in the presence of obligations and rules that must be followed to deal with the health emergency with a breakdown of the municipalities which will then deal with the managing bodies “.

The goal of the Liguria Region is to start all together as regions, otherwise Liguria will do it itself.

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