Precarious competition with written test at the end of Covid, agreement on the revised text but the Democratic Party has not yet decided


A few hours after the deadline for the submission of the sub-amendments to the Decree Law 22 on school, there is still no certainty on the fate of the change proposed by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte – which opens to the competition reserved for 32 thousand places in the secondary with written test in autumn – but then modified and slandered by the Democratic Party: after the fiery words of the senator Pd Francesco Verducci, vice president of the Culture Commission and first signatory of the amendment on the precariousness of the School decree, which in the day had raised the need to immediately take on precarious workers with a competition for titles and services only, the text was further filed.

Agreement: it is done, perhaps

Sources close to the government tell us that there would be the agreement of the majority, thus taking for granted the passage of the amendment in the VII Commission of Palazzo Madama, to be implemented on the morning of Wednesday 27 May, a few hours before the arrival of Legislative Decree in the Senate Chamber.

The perplexity of some dem senator still remains on the outcome of the amendment: after the evening assembly, more than someone continued to express doubts, also regarding the very latest reformulation of the norm on the competition reserved for precarious historians.

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Verducci (Pd) focuses on its amendment

Late in the evening, always on Pd senator Francesco Verducci he kept in mind that the party “has worked in recent weeks to reach a positive agreement, in particular on the extraordinary competition for precarious teachers and on the placement of teachers specialized in support”.

Verducci says that “despite advances compared to the beginning, due largely to our determination, the agreement that is proposed I find it very far from what is necessary to collect the requests of precarious workers, support teachers, students, families and the whole education system ”.

The senator of the Democratic Party, therefore, said that he has no intention of supporting the sub-amendment born in Palazzo Chigi and then modified precisely to quell their perplexities: “with absolute conviction I will keep my and our amendments. I will ask for them to be voted on and approved”, Concluded the senator dem.

Orfini (Pd) appeals to the majority

The comment by Matteo Orfini, representative of the Democratic Party, who hopes that “the Democratic Party and the majority forces will vote with him tomorrow “.

Orfini’s words make it clear, therefore, that there is still no certainty about the vote in the Culture Commission.

What could happen? Simply that the “push and pull” of the Democratic Party is overcome by events: the Senate Chamber will in fact necessarily have to complete the examination of the School decree by Thursday 28 May, as decided by the conference of the group leaders of Palazzo Madama.

The text soon in plenary

The text will arrive in the Chamber the day before, on the afternoon of Wednesday 27, where the general discussion will proceed immediately. And then trust will be placed.

The impression is that it is very likely that the Conte-Azzolina sub-amendment will also be present in that text. With the Democratic Party that could say to the discontented precarious: this competition does not belong to us. Unless you think about it.

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