Pragelato, the mayor’s anger explodes: “We don’t want the rounds of Boccia in the mountains” – La Stampa


PRAGELATO (TURIN). The mayor of Pragelato Giorgio Merlo takes a position on the initiative of Minister Francesco Boccia who is about to send 60 thousand civic assistants to the cities, but also to the mountain paths, ready to report to the police those who do not comply with the rules envisaged to contain the covid infection.

A sort of parallel police, without powers but armed with a cell phone to report any slightest infringement. The mayor of Pragelato says: “Minister Boccia calm down. Mountain tourism in this difficult and complex summer season does not need patrols, gendarmerie or fun vigilantes. If anything, and without propaganda and demagogic noise, we still expect precise rules from the government on what can be done and how to guide summer tourism in mountain resorts. As, for example, in the municipalities of the Milky Way ».

And he asks: “On the security side, if anything, in addition to the measures already taken, information – especially television – on the one hand and the enhancement of the role of volunteering, on the other, should be enhanced. But without pursuing ridiculous designs of militarizing the mountains or other holiday resorts. As for territorial sectors such as those of the Milky Way, it would be curious if one wanted to combine tourism in the name of the rediscovery of nature, the landscape and its local and historical culture with the militarization, albeit a bit of an Amatriciana, of an entire valley ».

And remember that: «This is not the time for propaganda and strikes. Town councils, mayors, mountain areas and summer tourism – especially in this difficult year – need different and more realistic measures which have already been advanced for some time with specific proposals and measures. We hope that the friendly Boccia will also be aware of this ».

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