potential and ‘dangers’ of the nextgen for the authors of Scorn


The director of Scorn’s horror project, Ebb Software’s Ljubomir Peklar, spoke on the pages of GamingBolt to reflect on the potential and any “dangers” that, with the advent of PS5 and Xbox Series X, will be represented by the transition to a new console generation.

After explaining that, according to him, the real nextgen turn of PS5 and Xbox Series X will be the CPU, the manager responsible for the development of the dark-colored adventure Scorn explains that “for a system to take full advantage of the new generation CPUs and GPUs, it must be able to manage a huge flow of data and this is why Sony and Microsoft have decided to switch to SSDs. This was an approach that has now become necessary . […] When new generation graphics engines begin to incorporate this work data flow, new possibilities for developers will open up in theory. We may have open world games with a quality found only in triple A games with small scenarios “.

Continuing in his speech, Peklar explains that this generational change guaranteed by the adoption of such advanced hardware can pose dangersespecially in the first part of the life cycle of PS5 and Xbox Series X: “In the current generation, mechanical hard drives would not be able to adequately calculate such a large amount of data. Then there is the question of the work time required by the developers to create high quality resources regardless of the size of the game worlds. It will just this aspect to be able to represent a problem in the nextgen, even with engines like the Unreal Engine 5. If for example the developers will foolishly decide to exploit this power to create even larger maps, and many will, then the game worlds they could appear more beautiful at first sight but they would end up showing more and more copied objects on the screen than they currently do, especially if a greater definition is required for these assets “.

For the Ebb Software executive, therefore, not all developers will be able to take advantage of the superior computational power of PS5 and Xbox Series X, even if it is said certain that “over time, designers will find a way to create truly impossible experiences for the current generation, but it is a journey that can only start after the latter are able to create interesting concepts designed specifically for hardware of the new consoles. But in the same way, you shouldn’t design a game relying only on technology, because otherwise you would end up creating videogames full of reflective surfaces only because you have new technologies like Ray Tracing available “.

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