POSTEPAY. New attack on Poste Italiane, the CARDS in danger



The scams against Poste Italiane’s customers seem to be unstoppable: just like for other banking institutions, even postal accounts are unable to get rid of the fraudulent golden mean that entwines them, despite even adopting increasingly sophisticated security means. In an already delicate situation, the concern of being able to become victims of phishing or smishing it gets bigger and bigger, although, in the end, protecting yourself is not difficult but within everyone’s reach thanks to simple suggestions to remember. To return to the crosshairs of cybercriminals, therefore, are the most famous cards in Italy: the inevitable American Express, let’s see the details.

Poste Italiane is back in the sights of scams with its PostePay: here’s how to protect yourself from these frauds

The scams currently in circulation have, in reality, nothing new given that they are configured as attempts to smishing mince and retract. Forwarded on the smartphones of potential victims via SMS, these frauds only alarm people so as to push them to act quickly and furiously and, above all, without knowledge of the facts.

The reasons used by cybercriminals are multiple: in this case there are recurrent communications on the blocking of PostePay, on the need to renew it, on updating data or similar reasons. In front of all these messages, you only have to do one thing: delete them and block the sender. In this way scams will not cause any problems to your postal account and its PostePay, preserving the security provided by Poste Italiane perfectly.

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