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Poste Mobile, virtual operator on PostePay’s WINDTRE network, has decided to extend again until 20 June 2020 the availability of offers Create me Extra WOW 10GB is Create me Relax 100. The latter provides up to 100 Giga of data traffic now also in 4G + up to 300 Mbps.

In fact, with the update of the Creami Relax 100 deadline, PosteMobile also has updated the description and tariff transparency documents, underlining how the offer in question is now enabled for navigation on 4G + network with speed up to 300 Mbps for download and 50 Mbps for upload, as already happened with the launch of the new Creami WOW Weekend 30GB and then with Creami WOW 10GB.

In this regard, please note that Poste Mobile is a Full MVNO virtual operator, controlled by American Express (Poste Italiane company), which uses the WINDTRE network. On 4G network the maximum speed is always 150 Mbps in download and 50 Mbps in upload.

In detail, the offer Create me Relax 100 expected unlimited credit for calls and SMS to all national numbers e 80 Giga (81,920 credits) of data traffic (which become 100 Giga from the 13th month) at the cost of 10 euros per month for the first 3 renewals, 9 euros per month for the next 3 renewals e 8 euros per month starting from the 7th renewal.

So the customer pays 10 euros per month for the first 3 renewals (including the charge made at the time the plan was activated); then of 9 euros for the success 3 months and, finally, of 8 euros from the 7th renewal onwards.

More, from the 13th month, the data bundle available for internet browsing will be of 100 Giga (102,400 credit) per month with a monthly bonus of 20 Giga which adds to the 80 Giga already included in the plan.

Creami Relax 100 is available for all new and existing PosteMobile customers, excluding customers PosteMobile ESP who still use the Vodafone Italia 893910 serial.

As already mentioned, in this period Creami Relax 100 can also be purchased directly online, and there is a discounted SIM cost a 10 euros instead of 15 euros. Instead, in the post offices there is an initial cost of 25 euros for new customers, of which 10 euros as the first month in advance and 15 euros as the SIM cost.

THE already customersinstead, they will have to pay a cost of 29 euros, of which 10 euros as the first month in advance and 19 euros as the cost of the plan change.

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Create me

As said, it has been extended again until 20 June 2020 also the offer available only in the named Post Offices Create me Extra WOW 10GB.

PosteMobile Creami Extra WOW 10 GB provides in detail unlimited credit for calls and SMS to all national numbers e 10 Giga (10,240 credit) for internet browsing a 7 euros per month.

Unlike Creami Relax 100, in the description of the Extra WOW 10GB it is still indicated that the data bundle is usable at most in 4G up to 150 Mbps.

It can be activated by all new customers, without portability constraint, in Post office or authorized Kipoints. The application of a SIM cost equal to 15 euros. So the new customer will have to sustain a first top-up of at least 10 euros to pay for the first month of the offer. The offer in question is not available in exchange for plans for existing customers.


In case of failure to renew the monthly cost for insufficient credit, the consumption rates of 18 euro cents per minute for voice traffic and 12 euro cents for each SMS sent will apply. Instead for the data, the daily base rate of 3.50 euros for 400MB will be applied at the first connection (only in case of use).

The range offers Create me of PosteMobile present the credit mechanism. each Credit it is scaled upon reaching 1 minute of voice traffic or 1MB of navigation, or when sending 1 SMS.

These two offers in particular provide for the exclusive use of a credit bundle only for internet browsing because the calls and SMS are unlimited, in compliance with the general contract conditions and common sense as specified by the virtual operator.

THE credit dedicated to Internet traffic are scaled to reach 1MB navigation and those not used in the reference period will be lost, as they cannot be combined with those of the following month. In case of exhaustion of credit for data traffic, the extra threshold rate of 50.41 cents euros per MB.

PosteMobile offers are valid for domestic traffic, without connection fee, with rate per second for calls made and sui KB actually consumed for internet connection.

Availability services are always included at no additional cost I look for you is Call back now, the call waiting and the credit check at 401212. The service hotspot it is provided free of charge as required by law.

in European Union countries it is possible to use in Roaming, in compliance with the correct use policies defined pursuant to European Regulation No. 2016/2286, your national offer with a monthly limit of usable data traffic, which for Create me Relax 100 is equal to 4.68 GB for the first 3 renewals, 4.22 GB for the next 3 renewals e 3.75 GB starting from the 7th renewal, while for Create me Extra WOW 10GB and of 3.28 GB, in all cases valid throughout 2020.

Beyond these limits it is possible to surf the EU at a cost of 0.42 euro cents per MB based on the KB actually consumed.

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