Possible new life for the ex Fiat plant in Termini Imerese


There is a new proposal for the conversion of the now (sadly) well-known ex Fiat industrial plant in Termini Imerese, in the province of Palermo. The district, once owned by Fiat, in fact, is the subject of a call which expired on 29 May which provided for the presentation of possible expressions of interest. The proposal derives from Smart City Group, or a consortium of companies active in the green economy field, which would like to convert the Sicilian plant.

The consortium brings together a set of companies from all over Italy and would like to operate on two areas. The one relating to secondary raw materials, that is, what concerns those scraps of raw materials or materials deriving from the recovery or recycling of waste of all kinds, and electric mobility understood in various aspects with diversifications in the field of small city cars, scooters, scooters and components.

It could employ nearly a thousand people

We certainly cannot speak of a rebirth of the Termini Imerese plant since it would be objectively premature. The factory, after the complete abandonment of Fiat in 2011 it seemed to aim at a productive return with the interest of DR who had then given up due to the disproportionate costs of the operation. A further mirage occurred in 2015 when Blutec, manufacturer of components for electric cars under the Metec wing (which has undergone different legal proceedings), decided that the batteries that could be used on the electric variants of the Ducato and Doblò could be made in Termini Imerese. But the conversion never happened.

Now Smart City Group has provided a project called SOUTH (Smart Utility District) which would aim at the construction of an interesting technological center which at full capacity could provide work for 700 or 800 people. The tender co-financed by the Sicilian Region and the Ministry of Economic Development should be fully defined by July. Certainly, however, it is linked to the necessary authorizations useful for the activation of the former Fiat plants and to agreements with trade union associations.

Electric products and vehicles

The glorious Sicilian industrial site, which in 1979 had started production of the Fiat Panda, could therefore be converted for the gestation of elements related to renewable energy, agriculture and ICT without neglecting the historical link with the car. Among the supply chains that includes the Smart City Group project, the production of components made using 3D printing is not missing, without neglecting the creation of complex systems for high-performance electric vehicles and not even the assembly of electric or hybrid city cars.

In the latter two cases an important role is that of Danisi Engineering, company involved in the aforementioned consortium with offices in Turin and Modena. Danisi Engineering provides engineering and prototyping solutions for the automotive world with differentiated specializations with the desire to start up in Termini Imerese the limited production of systems for the propulsion of hybrid and electric cars characterized by high performance. In this way, the products made in the former Fiat factory would characterize premium or very sporty cars. At the same time Danisi will provide support to a Chinese manufacturer who will assemble its electric cars in Sicily. The preliminary proposal contains Dongfeng, JMC Motors, BYD, WM Motors and W-Ev Italia in the names.

To date however, different expressions of interest have arrived for the tender that promotes the sale of the six production plants of the old ex Fiat company complex.

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