positive signal for buyers


In the last few sessions, Leonardo’s prices have provided the first positive signal since last April.

Leonardo, daily chart. Source: Bloomberg

The courses have in fact managed to curb the incessant descent, bouncing on the psychological threshold of 5 euros and breaking the trend line which unites the highs of 7 and 9 April 2020. For prices, the most important obstacle is now the horizontal level expressed by the lows of 31 March 2020, which has already started to reject buyers.

If buyers were to manage to violate this level of supply concentration, an extension of up to € 7.49 in the first place could occur, then move on to € 8.42. The achievement of this objective could also contribute to gap down still open from 9 March 2020.

On the contrary, a fall below 5 euros would have the opportunity to push the bearish ambitions, effectively allowing the downtrend in progress.

Operational strategies on Leonardo

Operationally, strategies of a long nature from 5.95 euros could be assessed, with stop loss at 5 euros and main target at 7 euros. The final target would instead be located at 7.42 euros.

For this type of strategy, the[[Turbo Long certificate from BNP Partibas with ISIN NL0014605917 and 2.69 lever

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