Positive German engineer on China flight – Last Hour


(ANSA) – BEIJING, MAY 31 – He was positive on the test
coronavirus, while being asymptomatic, a German engineer who
it was on the first flight it transported to China i
European workers repatriated at the start of the pandemic,
landed yesterday at Tianjin airport, southeast of Beijing.

The man was on a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt with a
200 passengers on board, almost all German workers and their own
families. Tianjin authorities said on social media
mean that the 34-year-old engineer tested positive, although not
had neither fever nor other symptoms. It was transferred to a
local hospital for observation.
   All passengers were tested for coronavirus afterwards
the landing and must still remain in quarantine for two
weeks. China hasn’t seen any new deaths in the last few
weeks, with the balance remaining at 4,634.
   A second Lufthansa charter is expected to depart from Frankfurt
to Shanghai next Wednesday. German companies
there are over 5,000 operating in China.


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