Porta Vescovo permanent exhibition – The Chronicle of Verona


The Association of the Radio Museum of Verona in the Porta Vescovo headquarters – a UNESCO heritage site – has set up the permanent exhibition, “VR900”, which has as its main theme communication in Verona. Pending ministerial provisions to resume public activities, the headquarters are open “remotely”: this is the only museum in Verona today that allows a surprising virtual internal tour: http://www.museodellaradio.com / and, to enrich the offer, “VR900” offers a schedule to transmit cultural / art / entertainment / music contributions, in the way in which you can see the videos already present – and launches the photographic contest “La nuova Verona”, to free participation. “VR900” – To remedy the forced closure and make this historic place equally usable, precisely through the wireless technology invented by Guglielmo Marconi, a schedule of weekly appointments was created, from May 26 to June 16, every Tuesday from 9 pm. A few names , in no particular order: Nuovi Cedrini with the new single and an historical anthology, Vrec music label with a refined selection of artists, Riccardo Giumelli / Associazione Italia – United States of America with an overview of communication today …

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