Pope Francis torpedoes father Enzo Bianchi, the super progressive friar of the Community of Bose


Vatican City – The first Vatican inspection had come in late 2014. Then there was another one established last year by the Vatican. Finally, the decision taken by Pope Francis to remove its founder, Father Enzo Bianchi, from the Community of Bose, a theologian considered almost heretical by the most conservative fringes of the Church for his open positions on many issues related to morality, but a true icon for the more liberal part of the Catholics, leading editorialist of the newspaper La Repubblica, personal friend of Eugenio Scalfari and many intellectuals, super popular author of books on theology and history of Christianity.

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Pope Francis takes up the Angelus looking out the window with the faithful in the square (spaced apart)

At the origin of this earthquake that began a few years ago in the Community of Bose – a religious reality founded in the mid-sixties and inspired by the dynamics of the first Christian communities – there would be the centralizing and perhaps somewhat despotic character of Brother Enzo, at least according to what the three apostolic visitors who worked for almost a year in Bose, Piedmont, have reconstructed in order to shed light on the internal conflict dynamics that have transformed this reality into a tangle of ropes, currents.

Brothers knives. The tensions had been heightened by the natural change, due to the age of the founder, which took place in 2017. A monk, brother Luciano Manicardi, had been appointed in place of Father Enzo Bianchi. The generational change must have heightened the tensions that also concern a management vision of the Community, which has in the meantime grown and become solid also from an economic point of view for the legacies it would have collected in recent years.

The Pope listened to the three apostolic visitors (Father Amedeo Cencini, Abbess Anne Decheve and Father Guillermo Arboleda Tamayo) and he made known, through Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the departure of Father Bianchi from his community to make sure that the internal climate resumes a less conflictual dynamic.

In the same way, the ‘most faithful’ of Father Enzo Bianchi fall from office and other people will be chosen to continue guiding the monastic structure that reproduces the way of living the Christianity of the origins. Father Bianchi who is usually always available with the press and very active on the communication front this time has chosen the path of silence, entrusting his bitterness to a sibylline tweet on his profile «When failure, defeat comes, do not give up I loved the truth, because even in humiliation truth must be glorified, only if charity hurts can truth be concealed and cursed be the one for whom truth must be said without thinking of fraternal charity ».

Who has it is not known. In any case, the parable of a religious figure of reference for the progressive Catholic area is striking since the name of Enzo Bianchi was even circulated with great insistence as a candidate for the cardinalate in the first consistory made by Pope Francis in February 2014. Then something must have gone wrong.

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