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“Dear brothers and sisters, good morning! Today that the square is open we can return. It is a pleasure!”. Pope Francis said so, looking out the window of the Apostolic Palace for the Regina Coeli. The last time the Sunday prayer had taken place with the faithful in the square was on March 1st. The pilgrims present, spaced out and with masks, greeted the pope with a long applause.

“Do not forget to pray for me. Have a good lunch and goodbye … in the square”, concluded Pope Francis greeting the faithful.

Francis celebrated the Pentecost Mass in the Vatican basilica. About 50 people attended the celebration, the highest number so far since the lockdown, for an indoor Pope event. Yesterday there were about 130 participants for the Rosary in the Vatican Gardens.

The Pope invites us to pray for “those who are required to make delicate and urgent decisions to protect human life and the dignity of work. It invests in this: on health, at work, on the elimination of inequalities and poverty. Never before do we need a gaze full of humanity: you cannot start again from chasing your own successes without worrying about who is left behind. “So the pontiff in a video message to the archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and to the other Churches of England.

“Today – said Bergoglio – we are witnessing a tragic famine of hope. How many wounds, how many voids not filled, how much pain without consolation!”. “Let us then interpret the consolation of the Spirit, transmit hope and the Lord will open new paths on our path”. “How much I wish that, as Christians, we would be even more and more together – underlines the Pope – witnesses of mercy for humanity severely tried. We ask the Spirit for the gift of unity, because we will spread fraternity only if we live as brothers among us. we can ask humanity to be united if we go on different paths “.

We need to “reverse the direction of travel. We need to go back to walking towards God and neighbor: not separated, not anesthetized in front of the cry of the forgotten and the wounded planet. We need to be united to face the pandemics that are rampant: that of the virus, but also hunger, wars, contempt for life, indifference. Only by walking together will we go far “.

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