Pop Bari: Italian banks will pay 1,170 million for the rescue


the intervention of the interbank fund

The bill goes up sharply compared to the 700 million hypothesised in December after the bank commissioner

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The bill goes up sharply compared to the 700 million hypothesised in December after the bank commissioner

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The Italian banks associated with the Fitd will pay 1,170 million to save the Popolare di Bari. This was announced by a statement from the Fund chaired by Salvatore Maccarone. The bill therefore rises sharply from the 700 million assumed in December after the bank commissioner. The total requirement for the recapitalization is 1.6 billion and Mediocredito Centrale will put only 430 million but will gain control of the bank. The Interbank Fund therefore resolved to make available to the current shareholders, free of charge, a number of shares corresponding to 30 million euros.

The intervention in favor of the current shareholders of Popolare di Bari, explains the president of the Fondo Salvatore Maccarone when asked by Radiocor, will exclusively concern the bank’s retail partners and “in part will compensate for the prejudice they have suffered in the relationship with the bank” and partly also to encourage their presence at the meeting, at the end of June, which will have to resolve the transformation into a spa in preparation for the recapitalization.

The note from the Interbank Fund explains that the bank’s recovery “is made possible by the decisive intervention of Fitd, within its role of contributing to the stability of the Italian banking system, with resources made available – despite the seriousness of the current situation – by the 151 member banks “.

The Fitd will cover the losses and the reconstitution of the bank’s capital jointly with Medicredito centrale, to which the Fund’s shares will be fully transferred at a symbolic price “. The final agreements with Mcc and the extraordinary commissioners are being signed.

(Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor Plus)

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