Pompeo congratulates the new president of Taiwan, Beijing threatens retaliation against Washington


Beijing, 20 May 14:38 – (Nova Agency) – The congratulatory message from the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, for the inauguration of the second term of the President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen, constitutes an “evident interference in China’s internal affairs”, which therefore expresses its strength ” indignation and condemnation “. This is stated in a very harsh note from the Beijing Foreign Ministry. Pompeo, notes the document, “approached Tsai as a ‘president’ and bragged about the so-called ‘partnership’ between the US and Taiwan. In addition, some other US government officials and politicians sent congratulatory videos to Tsai. Acts that seriously violate the principle that there is only one China and the provisions of three joint Sino-US releases. ” “There is only one China in the world – recalls Beijing’s diplomacy – and Taiwan is an inseparable part of Chinese territory. In the joint statement on the establishment of diplomatic relations between the People’s Republic of China and the United States of America, it is clearly stipulated that ‘the US recognizes the government of the People’s Republic of China as the only legal government of China. In this context, the people of the United States will maintain cultural and commercial relations and other unofficial relations with the people of Taiwan “.”
According to Beijing, however, the latest messages sent from Washington to Taipei “communicate the wrong signal of elements of independence of Taiwan and seriously threaten not only peace and stability across the Strait, but also relations between China and the United States”. The issue of Taiwan, continues the diplomacy of the People’s Republic, concerns China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. “It concerns the interests of China, whose government and people are firmly determined to oppose Taiwan’s separatist activities and to safeguard the country’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Furthermore, we remain firm in our intention to oppose any external interference in China’s internal affairs and to reunite the two parts of the Taiwan Strait. We want to solemnly clarify to the United States that the ‘independence of Taiwan’ agenda will lead nowhere. Any attempt to strengthen or support separatist elements is doomed to fail. Any action that will undermine China’s strategic interests and interfere in its internal affairs will be matched by a strong Chinese reaction. ”

Still, writes the Beijing foreign ministry, “nobody can stop the historic path towards the reunification of China”. “We urge the United States to correct its mistake immediately and to act in strict accordance with the ‘one China’ principle and with the provisions of the three joint releases. The United States must stop any official interactions and any moves aimed at increasing the level of relations with Taiwan. They must stop meddling in China’s internal affairs and must end any move that could undermine peace across the Strait and the stability of Sino-US relations in their entirety. China – concludes Beijing – will take the necessary measures in response to the already mentioned wrongful acts of the United States. The latter will be responsible for the consequences. ” (Cip)

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