Polls, the League regains altitude. Of the governing parties only the M5s resists. Tracollo of Italia Viva: it loses a quarter of the consents, landslide at 1.5


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Move back on center, with some suffering from the Pd and the meltdown of Italia Viva. This week only a small “resistance” from the M5s avoid the en plein of minus sign for majority parties. It emerges from the weekly survey of IXE spread by White paper, on Rai3. This slowdown of the consents for the political forces of the area is little reflected, at the moment, on confidence towards the government (down slightly) and the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte (stable just under 60 percent). It is not irrelevant, among other things, that the share of undecided and abstained it has been on a progressive increase for a month and this week it reaches and exceeds the 41 percent.

After the significant drop in altitude between autumn and winter the League seems to have curbed its fall which coincided in particular with the beginning of theCoronavirus emergency. Now the Northern League, according to Ixè, it floats a little above and a little below 25 percent: this week however marks a robust increase (0.7) which allows it to detach again the Pd, first tracker. The Democrats, despite a certain protagonism in the public debate (starting from the issue of government and economic and media powers, expressed by the deputy secretary Andrea Orlando), lose another 0.7 which adds to the decimals already left on the field in the last 20 days: according to the institute headed by Roberto Weber especially the Democratic party has lost two points in the past three weeks.

Who seems to have regained its dimension is the M5s who, passin passetto and despite some internal problems, returns to 17.5 which is more than I took at European a year ago. And the seventh consecutive rise: with “zero point” strokes within two months i Five stars they recovered 2.4 percent. The fact that the figure is similar to what he lost on Pd it suggests that in part there is also a certain transfer within the government area.

How does the run-up of the Pd on League so it also happens for i Brothers of Italy on the M5s. Giorgia Meloni’s party after an expansion that brought him close to 15 percent, this week records a drop that sets him at 14.3. In the center-right, however, these outgoing votes are also recovered by Forza Italia, which returns to 7.4 with a +0.2. It should be noted that in the past two months, Berlusconi have never left the gap between 7 and 8 percent.

All other parties are below 3 percent. The group is led byarea of ​​the left (attributable to Free and Equal) which is down to 2.4, reached by Green Europe in opposite trend. Stable, immediately behind, is + Europe. The (small) news is the landslide of Italia Viva that – despite the usual dynamism with “original” and muscular behaviors within the majority (from distrust a Bonafede to the process to Salvini until the election of his director in commission of inquiry in Lombardy) – in just one week, it loses a quarter of its electoral pool, which has already been reduced. Together with the Renzians he closes the group Action of Carlo Calendaalso slightly down.

These dynamics are reflected quite clearly also on the approval ratings of the leaders. The index of the Prime Minister With you for the third week it is confirmed at 59 per cent and is more than 25 per cent higher than that of the FDI president Giorgia Meloni that this week is falling to 33 although still ahead of Matteo Salvini (30, shooting). Luigi Di Maio remains stable at 27, while the secretary of the Democratic Party loses a couple of points Nicola Zingaretti to 25. Negative trend also for Silvio Berlusconi who, however, is able to detach the leader of Italia Viva by 12 points Matteo Renzi. Outside the national leaders, confidence in the president of the Veneto region is confirmed Luca Zaia that this week breaks through the 50 percent mark.

A crack can be seen in the data of trust towards the government: still remains high at 57 percent but with a slight drop of one percent. It is a figure that remains on the average for the last month but will be crossed with other questions. If the judgment on the work of the executive during the emergency remains abundantly positive (66 percent against a 31 of the critics), skepticism towards economic measures fielded so far. Basically only the 36 percent of respondents think they will effective against the 58 that brings together those who think they will be not very effective (37) e not at all effective (21). A feeling that on the other hand is also known by the government called to a more complicated economic phase 2.

There remains a majority belief that citizens’ behavior continues to be risky in this period of “coexistence” with the virus. For the 51 percent the Italians are managing the reopenings “Bad” because “many no longer respect the rules of prudence”. In contrast to the 42 percent he is more optimistic and sees that the majority continues to be responsible. Hence the caution on the reopening of the borders between regions. Faced with a desire for acceleration on the part of the governors 56 percent is favorable but he says we have to distinguish between Region and Region (from a data point of view) contagions). To these is added another 17 percent which is contrary to reopenings. Then remains the 23 percent who looks forward to total freedom of movement throughout the national territory.

The Ixè poll also shows what are the first things that the Italians have just concluded on lockdown. It is little surprising that the “winners” in this ranking are hairdressers, chosen as the first goal by 27 percent. Just behind the return to the bar for a coffee. They follow him remotely shopping, the dinner at the restaurant and – for a very very small part of respondents – theappetizer (to underline a certain excess of alarmism on the issue). What catches the eye, however, is that 40 percent of respondents say they haven’t done anything new.

The last question, lateral to what has been said so far, concerns the controversy over the words in the Chamber of Deputies M5s Riccardo Ricciardi on policies on health in Lombardy. 40 percent, however, perceived one instrumentalization of the victims of coronavirus in the region most affected, but 35 is agree with Ricciardi. Even on this, in short, judging by these data, the country seems split.

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