Polls, League drops. Closest Pd. Fratelli d’Italia touches M5S. The numbers



Polls, League drops. Nearest PD and Fratelli d’Italia touches M5S

There Matteo Salvini’s league marks a further drop of 1.1 points, reaching in May at 24.3%, followed by Pd stable at 21.2%. This is revealed by the pollster Nando Pagnoncelli on the Corriere della Sera. In third place remains the M5S with 16.7%, down 1.9%. Never 5 stars are followed by Fratelli d’Italia which grew by 2.1% to 16.2%, the highest value ever recorded in these surveys. Then Come on Italy with 7.4% e Italy alive with 3%, both stable compared to April.

Nando Pagnoncelli in his polls reports a marked increase in abstention and indecision which reached 43.2%, about 10 points more than a year ago.

The popularity ratings of Giuseppe Conte and the executive “show a decrease of 6 and 3 points respectively compared to April, returning to the values ​​of March, when the consent increased significantly following the adoption of measures to contain the infection. Faced with the decrease in health concerns and the growing concern about the economic situation, criticisms have emerged regarding the effectiveness of the measures adopted by the government so far, “explains Pagnoncelli.

As for the League crisis, “his losses are mainly towards the Brothers of Italy (if we make 100 European League voters, just under 18% have moved to Giorgia Meloni’s formation) and towards uncertainty and abstention (19%). If we look to the social segments, the greatest losses are recorded between graduates, professionalists and middle classes, housewives, residents in the Northwest and in the Center-North (the four regions that once called themselves red) and among practicing Catholics “.

According to Pagnoncelli’s analyzes “Fratelli d’Italia marks an impetuous growth of consensus, benefiting at the same time both from the higher loyalty rate of European voters and from the attraction of new voters, starting with disappointed leagues. The training leader also enjoys a high personal positioning, with a now stably higher appreciation than Salvini. Despite some flaws, Giorgia Meloni appeared as more “national” in a difficult moment. From a social point of view, FdI recovers votes in self-employment (flow leaving the League) and among civil servants where, above all in the center of the country, it already had a strong point “.

The decline of the 5Stelle Movement? “Compared to the European elections, the most significant loss (more than a quarter of the vote) is towards uncertainty and abstention, while lower flows are towards the center-right (8%) and center-left formations (just over 5%) “, underlines Pagnoncelli on Corsera

The Democratic Party has been stable since March, “in addition to the outflow to the gray area, the party has lost part of its consensus (today it is in fact about a point and a half below the European vote) towards Italy alive. The split has led to a sensitive exit (slightly less than 7%), certainly not a transfer. On the other hand, the Democratic Party has recovered shares of environmental and left-wing voters, thanks to the new secretariat, more moved to that area and to the return to the party of some of the protagonists of the Bersanian split, such as the president of Tuscany Rossi. These returns reinforce the “typical” electorate of parity: in fact, left-wing retirees have seen appreciable growth in recent months “.

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