Poll: League rising to 27.1%, Pd falling. Center-right flies


As for some time now, the poll Thursday is the one represented by the demoscopic survey by Emg Acqua for Agora, the in-depth program conducted on the morning of Rai Tre by Serena Bortone.

The institute directed by Fabrizio Masia has probed the voting guidelines of the Italian electoral population on the basis of a representative sample of the same and perhaps the most important and worrying figure for the Italian flag is the volume of those who claim to be undecided about who to vote for and who says he will not go to the polling station in the next policies. The party “I don’t vote“and of theindecisionin fact, it weighs 41%.

Coming instead to the survey data relating to the actual parties, it goes up again League by Matteo Salvini, after a few weeks of impasse: the Carroccio grows by 0.2% to 27.1% of the voting intentions.

Six and a half percentage points lower is the Democratic party: Nicola Zingaretti’s dem fell three tenths of a point, falling from 20.9% to 20.6%. Behind the piddì is the government ally of 5 star movement: the pentastellate team seems to have managed – at least at this time – to contain the bleeding of votes and the survey finds the M5s rising by 0.3% to 15.7%.

Brothers of Italy continues to follow the grillini: just like the five stars, Giorgia Meloni’s FdI increases its consensus by 0.3%, reaching 14.6%. In short, between the two parties, just 1.1%.

The survey by the Masia demoscopic institute photographs Come on Italy 6.8% of the preferences: the blues of Silvio Berlusconi remain stable compared to the previous report. Combining the volumes of FI, FdI and Lega, the possible coalition of the center united would be able to intercept 48.5% of the Italian votes.

Loses consent Italia Viva by Matteo Renzi: after weeks in which the EMG surveys assigned 5% round-to-round to the training of the former scraper, the latter analysis recorded Iv at 4.7%

Finally coming to the minor parties, the survey finds Action 2.6%: compared to last week, the reality founded and led by Carlo Calenda does not go up or down in percentage.

Instead, 0.1% yields The left, which goes from 2.3% to 2.2%. Down both Green Europe is + Europe of Emma Bonino, which both drop 0.1% and stand respectively at 1.7% and 1.5. Finally, all other parties weigh 2.5%

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