Political polls May 28: Lega recovers, record for Fdi, majority in decline


Decreasing majority parties, exploit for Fratelli d’Italia which reaches a new record. These are the results of this week’s Supermedia Agi / Youtrend, which sees a further rapprochement between the first 4 parties: less than 12 points separate the first (the League) from the fourth (Fdi, which rises to 14.5%). Another fact to note, as mentioned, is the not insignificant drop in the forces of the Giallorossi majority (-0.8%) in the face of an increase in the center-right opposition (driven by the good + 0.4% of Forza Italia) but also than that of the center-left (Calenda’s share is + 0.3% for the third consecutive week).


2 June, silent flash mobs for the center-right demonstration. And in Rome a huge tricolor

Here are the details of the average of the various parties and the deviations from the Supermedia of two weeks ago (May 14).
League: 26.3% (-0.3)
Pd: 20.6% (-0.4)
M5s: 15.9% (-0.1)
Fdi: 14.5% (+0.3)
Strength Italy: 7.1% (+0.4)
Italia Viva: 3.0% (-0.2)
The Left: 2.7% (-0.1)
Action: 2.3% (+0.3)
Greens: 1.7% (-0.1)
+ Europe: 1.7% (=)As for Supermedia by political areas in Parliament, the government majority is at 42.2% (-0.8), the center-right opposition at 48.8% (+0.4). The coalition supermedia as they presented themselves to the 2018 Policies, sees the center-right in the lead with 48.8% (+0.4), the center-left at 27.6% (- 0.4), M5s 15.9 % (-0.1) LeU 2.7% (-0.1) Others 5.0% (+0.2).

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