Police handcuff the CNN crew live in Minneapolis (VIDEO)


CNN reporter Omar Jimenez was arrested live on television with the entire crew during the Minneapolis riots resulting from the murder of George Floyd by a policeman during an arrest. Jimenez had identified himself as a journalist, also showing his badge, but the agents decided to handcuff him anyway. In addition, the police confiscated their cameras. After almost an hour, the reporters were released.

It seems that the police have chosen to arrest them because they would have asked the crew to move: they had given full availability to the agents: “We move wherever you want. We are 4, and we are currently live, “Jimenez explained to the riot police officers. After a couple of minutes, two agents return to them and handcuff him, along with the rest of the crew. The reporter offered no resistance: “Why are you arresting me?” He asked, without getting an answer.

CNN released a statement shortly after the episode: “A reporter and his team were arrested this morning in Minneapolis for doing their job, despite identifying themselves with the agents: a clear violation of First Amendment rights. The Minnesota authorities, including the governor, must immediately release the 3 CNN employees. ” Minnesota governor Tim Walz apologized for an “unacceptable” arrest, and promised head of broadcaster Jeff Zucker that he will work for the immediate release of the crew, which has taken place.

Interviewed by the broadcaster, Charles Ramsey, a former chief of various police departments in Philadelphia and Washington and now an analyst for CNN, spoke of “an arrest that makes no sense”. According to him, “the police will have to answer many questions about this arrest. Jimenez has stopped, identified himself, showed his credentials. Such a thing should not happen. ”

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