Police cars from the United States of America


In America, almost every model can be converted to police cars, thanks to external companies that modify the various cars. However, some auto manufacturers offer ready-to-serve models in the police, with the various specific modifications mounted directly in the factory: the main brands offering this service are the so-called “Big 3“, that is Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge.

Even the American police (here instead our cars of the Carabinieri and the State Police) had to adapt to the market, so much so that SUVs – especially large ones – have become the dominant patrol vehicles in the United States.

Nonetheless, some models of the Big 3 provided to the police have not given up on the low sitting of the sedans, let alone ahuge amount of horses under the hood. In this slideshow so let’s see which cars make up the fleet of the American Law Enforcement, in alphabetical order.

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