Poker DoJo, the app to improve skills by playing with friends


PokerStars has launched Poker DoJo, a free app featuring mini-games, divided into various levels, to test their skills and compete with friends.

Is called Poker DoJo and it’s a new app created by PokerStarsas well as completely Free, which allows players and simple poker enthusiasts of any skill level to confront and test themselves against friends.

Poker DoJo is nothing but a kind of collection of three mini-games very fun poker games that teach players to quickly and easily recognize hand strength, to make decisions under pressure and to go all-in at the right times.

One of the DoJo Poker mini-games

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The three mini-games of DoJo Poker

The Poker DoJo app is currently only available in the United States of America and the United Kingdom, but PokerStars has accustomed us over the years to launch some products only in certain markets, before expanding the offer to its entire user base .

This application, as we read on the blog, is a “Great way to spend a few minutes learning the game, or just having fun”. Of course always with poker in the head.

Let’s see what are the three mini-games of DoJo Poker.

Grid Poker

In the Grid Poker mini-game, the user must select five cards among those proposed on the grid, to form a combination of poker. The challenge is to score as many points as possible before the time runs out: the better the hand, the more points you earn.

Seems easy? Only in appearance. You will have to be quick to recognize the values ​​of the hands, an important skill also at the real poker table.

Strongest Hand

In this mini-game, there are actually two challenges. The player must choose the best hand between three, or evaluate his hand in a typical situation. Depending on your choices, you will receive bonus points.

At the beginning, the user sees three different hands (before, during or after the distribution of community cards): at this point, he must choose the best hand. Of course, in poker it’s not always all black or white, and the best hand on the flop doesn’t always remain on the river.

All-in or fold

The third and final mini-game of the DoJo Poker app is All-in or fold.

Here the challenge is simple: fold, until you receive a hand with which the player is happy to send the tank against an opponent whose point obviously does not know us. To put a little pepper on this mini-game there is time, which flows inexorably, simulating the typical pressure that a poker player must face when he is forced to make a decision.

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