plot and curiosity of the film with Gulio Berruti


Walking on Sunshine: here is the plot and some curiosities of the film aired today on Italia 1 with Giulio Berruti and Annabel Scholey

Walking on Sunshine it’s a 2014 movie aired this afternoon at 15:55 on Italia 1 and with protagonists Giulio Berruti and Annabel Scholey. Fruit of a international co-production which involved the United States of America, Italy and the United Kingdom, the film was directed by Dania Pasquini and Max Giwa, while the subject and screenplay were written by Joshua St. Johnson. The soundtrack full of songs that made the history of the 80s was curated by Anne Dudley.


A beautiful young British girl, Taylor, after finishing the school year, decides to treat himself to a wonderful summer in Italy. Will arrive in Puglia for the many tourist attractions it has and here he will know Raf. An overwhelming love will arise between the two that could last forever if it were not for Taylor’s aspirations. In fact, the girl intends to enroll in university and will decide to return to England in late summer. Three years later Taylor will find himself having almost completed his university career, but will have to deal with a very difficult moment for his sister. Left by her boyfriend one step away from marriage, Taylor will advise her to spend a nice holiday in Puglia. A few weeks after departure, the girl will gather all her family there for her marriage. Groom? Raf.

The protagonist of the film is theBritish actress Annebel Scholey born in Wakefield on January 8, 1984. She began studying acting at the Oxford School of Drama graduating in 2005. She later worked extensively in theater, film and television. Some of his works include the film Jane Eyre and the TV series I Medici. Next to her there is insteadRoman actor Giulio Berruti, who was born in 1984 and approached the world of entertainment after graduating and starting as a model.

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