“Please, I can’t breathe”: at the Olympic Village of Greb for Floyd


The work appeared on via United States of America in memory of the African American killed by police in the United States – Agtw /CorriereTv

Harry Greb returns to color the walls of Rome, in via United States of America, near the Olympic Village. This time with the symbolic image of the moment, that of George Floyd as the Statue of Liberty with a sign asking for justice, the Bill of Rights held tightly in hand. «I was impressed and indignant as a human being after watching the video where George Floyd dies on the street, alone – declares the street artist -. Incredible that such events can still happen today, in the light of day, with limitless arrogance and arrogance. And it’s a shame, because I believe that the United States is a great country, sometimes a victim of its contradictions ». He continues: «They still have many things to solve and this is yet another testimony. It seems that being black in America today is still discriminating, it is unacceptable. Someone should give a strong signal even if it seems difficult to me now – he concludes – considering who is leading the nation ».

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