PlayStation 5: our predictions on the games we will see


The reveal event of PlayStation 5, which will be, as explained elsewhere, a showcase focused on launch games. The presentation is certainly highly anticipated and attention to the stars, so we at will follow everything with a long marathon on June 4, which will accompany you until 10 pm. Today, however, we want to make some predictions, because there is no event of this type without attempts to predict what will actually be presented. According to Jason Schreier it will be a remarkable show, however we are not going to shoot excessively high, therefore we have selected a mixture of first party and third party based on the rumors that have been around for a while, for a fairly realistic list of game predictions announced. Let’s start!

The first, and most sensible, choice is obviously the remake of Bluepoint, which has long been rumored to be nothing less than that Demon’s Souls. Despite having shaped the genre, Demon’s is actually a title that many have not played to date, with a structure different from other From creatures, and certainly worthy of a reinterpretation. It is also now almost certain that Bluepoint’s work will be a PS5 launch title, so the choice was fairly obvious.

As for the rest, we sincerely believe in the return of Resistance. Sony has not had FPS among its exclusives for a while now, and now that it is inextricably linked to Insomniac a revival of this series is plausible, also because the house winked at the thing on Twitter days ago, and is large enough to be able to deal with multiple projects besides Spiderman.

Among the historical Playstation brands, however, we believe it is actually Gran Turismo the one most likely to return. The Polyphony series is practically a symbol of the Sony console after all. For some time there has been rumors of a new chapter, and it would be perfectly suitable for such an important launch. We believe it.

Remaining on the subject of “fairly secure exclusives”: it is impossible not to pull out Horizon 2. It seems almost obvious that the Guerrillas are working on it, and there has been talk for months of his presence in the initial PlayStation 5 lineup. We are really curious to see the progress made by an already monstrous team from a technical point of view.

God of War 2on the other hand, it is much less likely for timing reasons, yet there is still the chance of a teaser, simply for the purpose of detonating the hype. We’ll see if Santa Monica will give us this gift or not.

Turning momentarily to third parties, we almost take for granted the presence of Electronic Artsdespite the house having a dedicated event this summer. Considering that – according to the leaks – the mysterious day should be revealed the day before Project Maverick of Motive, linked to Star Wars, it is plausible that we will see gameplay on stage. But EA could also simply decide to pump the new FIFA, or to show Dragon Age 4. Maverick remains in our opinion the safest option anyway.

We continue on this path, speaking of Ubisoft, which in turn has a dedicated presentation event and has already tied Valhalla to Xbox, so it could take advantage of the Sony event to finally present Gods and Monsters in a worthy way, or to make Watch_Dogs Legion reappear. It is thought that this could also be an opportunity to revive the Prince of Persia brand or to announce the inevitable new Far Cry, but it is very unlikely and we believe that such cartridges will be kept for their presentation.

Always talking about external teams, Capcom. It is a house that has a close relationship with Sony, and certainly a lot to show. A new one has been waiting for some time Resident Evil, with infinite rumors about its structure and novelties. We believe this presentation is perfect for revealing it to the world.

Ps5 Official Presentation

However, Resident Evil may not be the only horror film to pop on stage. If the rumors are real, and the saga creator’s retweets as well, we may finally see a new one silent Hill, and not by Kojima (as many believed), but by many of the veterans of the original team. A bomb return that many believed impossible, and would make the screens implode.

Let’s drop the hype a bit on the finale, remembering that the presentation will not only deal with exclusives and triple A, but also with games with fewer spotlights, such as indie, or the already revealed for some time Godfall. There is also the possibility of seeing some other remake or remaster, and the surprise may be a return of Sonic Adventure with a renewed graphic design, since for a long time various insiders have been convinced of the existence of the thing, and such an iconic mascot on the sony stage could have an excellent effect on the audience.

Speaking of iconic mascots, Activision is clearly working on a new Crash, and what better occasion to reveal it to everyone than this? Who knows that the presentation doesn’t really open with the return of the pirouette mascot.
Will we get caught up with our predictions? Who knows … in the meantime, remember to follow everything with us in live!

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