“Playout dispute contrary to fairplay principles”


The footballers of the Ravenna, through the Assocalciatori, issued the following press release:

“The members of the Ravenna F.C. company express their amazement at the reported decision of the Lega Serie C Board of Directors according to which the relegation and the dispute of the category play-outs will be proposed based on the rankings at the time of the championship suspension.

It is quite clear that this decision is contrary to any principle of fairplay, since the partial rankings neither reflect nor can reflect the actual sporting value, and this effect would be dramatically evident in cases where there is not even a tie in the games played.

We know what the whole country has suffered and is suffering from the ongoing pandemic, and we also want to thank those who fought in the storm for the health and safety of citizens; however, we must remember how we footballers are also suffering heavy consequences, forced to individual training often far from their families, and still uncertain about the future of our business and contracts; with the risk of losing the job due to the very questionable choices that Lega Pro is making, now we learn from press sources that even our competitive effort could be debased, with a decision at the table on relegations in amateur series, with all this which also follows for our business, or on the definition of the terno at the lot of the play-outs, even more random in competition with the suspension of the official activity, without having been really the field to determine this unfortunate outcome, which involves not only us , as much as the fans and the cities we are all honored to represent.

This is not a good thing: for this reason we want to ask publicly, today that the situation allows it and as long as it is possible, that the championship ends and that it is the field, in absolute sports equality, that defines the rankings, so that we are not deprived, as well as of our rights as sports workers, also of the dream of reaching the goals of the season by fighting for our shirts until the last minute “.



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