“Playoffs? It is not correct that Juve will play the championship with those who have many points of delay. At most until Inter”


Giuseppe Bergomi, former defender and today sports commentator on TV, spoke to TMW Radio’s microphones.

Does the playoff-playout idea in Serie A convince you?

“Apart from that you can’t start with one regulation and end with another. I train in the youth sectors, and the playoffs when you have more than 8 points of disadvantage you don’t do them. It is not correct to think that Juventus should play the Scudetto with whom is thirty points behind, at most I can think of the first three, because Juventus and Lazio are there, while Inter if the recovery wins is at -6. I would be to start again and try to end the championship in the right way, respecting all parameters. In front we have an example like Germany. ”

What does Conte have to do to get into the hearts of the fans? Where does this Inter place it?

“Antonio takes the choirs already from the fans, from the North. And this is already important. In the heart we enter with the victories or the behaviors, and from this point of view it has given play, soul and identity to a lower team than that of the Triplete or at Inter 1997/98 with Simoni. There was material there. This is growing, but has yet to improve. To understand what he will do in the next championship, as well as how this will end. ”

Is it worth compromising next season just to finish this?

“There are conflicting versions, if I understand correctly, not all the teams wanted to start again. There were those who wanted to quit and those who were ready. For classification reasons, if there is a possibility it is right to finish it, and I say it with difficulty because I have been positive to the virus, even if I have not been too bad. Who has had particular situations has a different sensitivity and does not take into account the sensitivity of the players many times. We have to take some risks, they are to try to finish the championship “.

What will the Champions League look like after the championships, with all the differences of the case (see Germany and France, ed)?

“Since there is no case history, it is difficult to say what will happen and who will benefit or not. The Champions League, however, is so beautiful … Thinking then of being able to see the splendor of Atalanta tells me that we will have to enjoy it as we will find it. to adapt”.

What will affect the games most?

“They have time to get right physically, they are professionals and they have already worked a little at home. I think banal to the goalkeepers: they can’t throw themselves on the ground for a while, and it’s a delicate role. Seeing the German games without an audience, following them it’s really difficult: little rhythm, little intensity … Those who play at home in theory still have references and small advantages, then there are those players who suffer from the public and the tension, I have seen many extraordinary in training and then suffering in the game. ”

What competitiveness will we find in tomorrow’s championship?

“In crises, the time comes when we can start again. The Italian world is often slowed down by bureaucracy, but when we want to do things we do them, we see the times for Ponte Morandi. Certain reforms are possible, and perhaps this is the moment where you can turn, or try. ”

In the Bundesliga some paradox: first Haaland who cheers at a distance, then the restraints on the corners.

“True, it’s inconsistent but let’s accept it. In the end, seeing that exultation is also nice to see.”



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