Playoffs and playouts? No thanks. The opposing clubs – La Gazzetta dello Sport


Legal issues, but not only: companies are opposed to the idea of ​​changing the format of the tournament

For legal reasons: changing the formula of the leagues in the running would lead to a series of appeals by the disadvantaged clubs. For logical reasons: if it is not possible to play the remaining matches from the championship for health protection reasons, it would not make sense to play even the playoffs and playouts. “If you can’t play, you can’t just play,” said Urbano Cairo, president of Turin two days ago. For economic reasons: Sky, Dazn and Img who have already expressed their opposition to the payment of the sixth installment, all the more reason would expect a discount appropriate to the reduced format of the tournament. There are many reasons why the majority of A’s clubs oppose the idea of ​​the playoffs and playouts, a scenario that would primarily change the rules in the running.


To conquer the championship, Europe or salvation, the clubs have drawn up a plan that includes the entire sports season, perhaps they have funded a rich winter market to reach the final goal. Cone president Giovanni Malagò is also skeptical: “Playoffs and playouts? You cannot think that either the championship starts and ends or I don’t know what happens. All or nothing. This is my idea. This is why I say that a plan B is needed, as Germany did by securing the system with an agreement with the televisions. With us, however, there is still nothing. ”

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