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A Coop supermarket
A Coop supermarket
Florence, 26 May 2020 – Discover the Tuscany and bring it to the table. Follow the supply chains of local excellence, get to know the producers and taste the products. A way to get to know the area, a way to get to know the best of the excellence of the agri-food world, the undisputed symbol of “made in Italy” and a global business card for our companies. But above all La Nazione and Unicoop Firenze have the great ambition to make known and give a showcase to Tuscan suppliers.

A sort of official recognition of that healthy and decidedly “green” economy of the territory, which produces wealth, employment, induced and which cares for and enhances our landscape. An ambition that materializes in a new editorial and promotional initiative of our newspaper together with Unicoop Firenze. This sort of game – which will also see the direct involvement of customers – will start next Friday. But how does this initiative work? Now we will show you.

From Friday 29 May to 29 June – every Monday and Friday for a total of ten events – The Nation will give space to the faces and stories of Tuscan producers through a series of interviews with photos of the professional and life stories of entrepreneurs. From fruit and vegetables to pasta with one hundred percent Tuscan flour, from cold cuts to typical regional pasta, from fish bred in the sea of ​​the Archipelago to beer made with Mugello bread, the newspaper will lead the reader to discover the flavors of the territory, through a travel in these sectors so strategic for the economy.

Not only. In conjunction with the narration of the protagonists of the agri-food sector, La Nazione will come out with a sort of “post it-coupon” which will be attached to the newspaper and which the customer – once removed – will have to deliver to the supermarket and which will entitle you to 100 points. gift on the membership card.

Naturally, the reader of La Nazione who will go to a Coop.Fi in the region will have to buy the product whose supply chain was presented the day before in the newspaper. The list of 104 Coop.Fi points of sale is available online at the link

The operation of the initiative is however very simple: just buy La Nazione, detach the coupon with the product reference and go to a Unicoop Firenze store. By delivering the “post it-coupon” and purchasing the product indicated on the attached ticket, the member will receive 100 points on their card.


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