Plasma and hydroxychloroquine: Trump and Salvini anticipate the times of science with conspiracy


If sovereignty aims at the proverbial “belly”, why not blow on the fire of conspiracy by talking about remedies for coronavirus that are still being tested (and which perhaps are not real remedies)?

A citizen might think they keep it hidden because it’s free and there are other interests behind it“. He spoke like this a few weeks ago Matteo Salvini in one of its many direct broadcasts Facebook, about plasma therapy. The leader of the League when he marries one conspiracy theory he hardly takes responsibility for it, rather puts it in the mouth of citizen x, anticipating the reasoning he could do but in fact leading him to do it. For weeks now he has been monitoring social networks, newspapers and TV on the history of plasma, alternating a mixture of exaltation and indignation for what he describes as a miraculous cure that for some strange reason continues to be ignored.

Across the ocean, in the United States of America, yours friend Donald Trump instead he married another therapy, the one based on hydroxychloroquine, an antimalarial and rheumatoid arthritis drug. “I’ve been taking it for a week and a half and I’m still here“He said in the past few hours, talking about the drug as a”gift from heaven“. A vision shared by his right arm Rudy Giuliani, which defined hydroxychloroquine as 100 percent effective against coronavirus. “People die, we don’t have time to experiment“, Urged the American president, effectively demolishing the research activity of laboratories and pharmaceutical companies.

In short, to hear i maximum exponents of the American populism is Italian, we already have the coronavirus solution. Yet, whether it is plasma or hydroxychloroquine, for some reason of a conspiracy footprint, these therapies continue to be ignored. In fact, as often happens in these cases, the reason this happens is that behind each administration of drugs and treatments, long studies and tests are needed, to understand their real effectiveness as well as any contraindications. When asked Donald Trump where his optimism about the drug he is taking came from, he replied that he had no negative effects on himself and that “I get a lot of phone calls in which they talk about it well, here’s my proof“. As for Matteo Salvini, however, his certainties on plasma derive from newspaper articles relating to individual people recovered through this treatment, as well as from the repost of interviews with doctors who underline the benefits. All this, of course, can be enough to create a conspiracy theory. But it is not enough to validate a therapeutic path.

That plasma cure can be a hope is clear. It could provide the patient with the antibodies developed by the patient, giving a sort of immunity that would block the advance of the infection. It is allMantua hospital that are progressing more than ever in the experiments and if the results are encouraging, it is also true that the town Asst itself has stressed that it is not a miracle cure, but a valid additional tool. In short, it is not an alternative to the vaccine and the history of the pharmaceutical companies that would keep it hidden for this reason, mentioned by Salvini, is therefore a hoax. As he pointed out Fausto Baldanti, head of the Molecular Virology Laboratory of the Pavia Polyclinic, “this cure will not be the solution to the problem“. Giuseppe De Donno, director of pulmonology and the intensive respiratory intensive care unit at the hospital Carlo Poma of Mantua and that most of all is working on plasma, said that “if the disease has worked for a long time to compromise the functionality of the organs, there is no plasma to hold“.

In short, therapy is in testing phase, there is optimism for the contribution it could give, but the story is very far from how it is told by Salvini. More or less the same speech that could be made for Donald Trump’s hydroxychloroquine. The drug had given hope for two tests on patients with mild symptoms, but was later scaled down in a French study published in the journal M├ędecine et Maladies Infectieuses. “We found no evidence of antiviral activity for the treatment of patients with severe symptoms“, The authors stressed, while cases of intoxication and deaths from the use of the drug occurred from France to the United States.

In short, whether it is plasma or hydroxychloroquine, the scientific evidence gives more or less hope but the experimental work is still ongoing and, as scientists have pointed out, it will take time to have definitive results and understand if, and how, to follow these therapies. However, the fact that the conspiracy process requires far fewer steps than the scientific one means that while thousands of doctors around the world are involved in tests, a certain policy has already found the solution to the pandemic. While awaiting scientific certification, the treatments thus obtained the populism badge and according to the politicians who assigned it, this is sufficient to administer them outright.

However the meticulous tests of hospitals and laboratories on these and other treatments will end, the populist will to anticipate the times of science to give water to the conspiracy propaganda mill is a threat to everyone’s health.

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