Plane crashed in the Tiber, extracted the tail part of the aircraft. The boy’s body recovered


Completed the recovery operations of the small plane crashed in Tiber Monday at the height of via Vitorchiano in Rome. At 2 pm the part of the tail was pulled out with the aircraft that broke. The firefighters have worked since the morning.The tragic death of Daniele Papa, great pain in Civitavecchia and Santa Marinella
Rome, plane in the Tiber, Daniele’s body tied with his belt: «They made a wrong maneuver»

The body of Daniele Papa, the 22-year-old who two days ago crashed with a two-seater aircraft in the Tiber at the gates of Rome, was recovered by the Fire Brigade. Last night the divers of the firefighters had managed to locate the wreck with the use of a sonar, noting the presence of the boy’s body in the nacelle and today at 15 the recovery operations were completed. The instructor was also on board the plane and he was saved.

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