Plane crash in Nettuno, microlight falls and catches fire: pilot and passenger dead


An ultralight plane fell to the ground a Neptune, on the coast of the province south of Rome. According to the very first information received, the aircraft, a medium of the Crazy Fly flight school, ignited after the impact on the ground. The accident occurred today on Sunday 31 May. Two people were involved, traveling on board. In the late morning the trgic news arrived: both people on board the aircraft, pilot and passenger, I’m death. The firefighters arrived on the spot, arrived around 10.40 am, with five vehicles, to tame the flames that came out of the vehicle. The carabinieri of Anzio and Nettuno and the agents of the State Police of the Police Headquarters of Latina were present for the necessary investigations. The causes of the accident have yet to be clarified, investigations are ongoing and the aircraft has been seized, to subject it to further checks.

A week ago the plane crash in which Daniele Papa died

The plane crash this morning took place one week after the one in which the 23-year-old from Cerveteri, Daniele Papa, a student who took off together with his flight instructor from theRome Urbe airport for a tutorial. For reasons investigated by the investigators, the aircraft crashed in the Tiber and sank. Giannandrea Cito, the thirty-year-old teacher, managed to save himself, despite having to resort to medical treatment with a twenty-day prognosis, while unfortunately there was nothing for the boy to do to save his life. Declared missing at first, the rescuers searched for him for the remaining hours of the day and all night: the firefighters scanned the bottom of the river, while carabinieri and police patrolled the banks and flew over the area with the helicopters. His body was found the day after the accident, Daniele was still sitting in his place with the belt fastened. Now we are investigating for manslaughter, waiting for the autopsy results.

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