“Pjanic, check a secret card written from Barcelona in January”


BARCELONA (SPAIN) – Continue pressing the Barcelona on Miralem Pjanic. There JuveHowever, to let the Bosnian midfielder leave, he asks in return Arthur. There are seven years of difference between the two (Pjanic is 30 while Arthur 23), which is why many in Spain have raised doubts about the negotiation. However, Barcelona issued a report in January to which the Spanish newspaper had access AS. A real technical sheet which explains the reason for the purchase of Pjanic, giving priority to the experience in certain areas of the field.

“Juve, also Dembélé in the negotiation for Pjanic in Barcelona”

Pjanic: here is the Barcelona card

The one drawn up by Barcelona is a very detailed report where several points are drawn up explaining the reasons for some choices. In section three it is specified that “the specific position requirements must be taken into account. Only very young players should not be purchased where greater knowledge of the role could be decisive. In addition, an experienced footballer may need less time to adapt to his new team and give his best from the first moment. ” A number of data collected in the report indicate that “the percentage of successful passes is 3-5% higher in 30-year-old soccer players than those between 16 and 29. In addition to the ability to enter the heart of the game, the greater the more experienced players than young people. ” Furthermore, in the fourth point it is recalled that “an older player can better accept an adjustment of his salary based on expectations on his performance”. A situation to which, of course, after the Coronavirus pandemic, clubs will be forced to prioritize when it comes to buying players. In point one, then, we stress the need to seek a balance between maturity and youth, “highlighting that combination as the best formula for success”.


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