Pixel 4a: announcement in July, launch on the market between August and October. Pixel 5 postponed? (updated)


Vincenzo Ronca

On June 3, Google will reveal to the world, through a livestream event, the first public beta of Android 11, or that build that will make us take the first contact with the new version of the green robot. Considering that Bigg the new Pixel 4a is also in the pipeline, it was reasonable and logical to expect a joint presentation.

Instead it looks like this will not happen, at least according to what has just been reported by tweet of Jon Prosser (you can find it at the bottom of the article): Pixel 4a, after its presentation has ideally been moved from May to June, the next one should be revealed July 13. Again according to Prosser, it will come in colors Just Black is Barely Blue is it would not offer support for 5G networks, you will have to settle for LTE support.

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The decision of a postponement in July it would not depend from hardware production issues but would have been taken on the basis of market analysis. There is no official confirmation of this from Google, so there is a small glimpse for some changes.

Update5/21/2020 11:10 pm

emerge new and incredible details on the timing of presentation and launch of Pixel 4a. Jon Prosser he returned to the topic, reiterating that Google’s choices are based on market analysis and not on hardware production needs. The units of Pixel 4a would indeed be already ready to the shipment.

According to sources of Prosser, Pixel 4a will be officially unveiled next July 13. The coloring Just Black will arrive on the market on August 6, while to have the Barely Blue we will even have to wait for the 1st October. This suggests that even the official launch of Pixel 5 will be postponed.

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