Pisticci, at 93, defeats Covid-19: “I had to assist my wife”


PISTICCI – «During the Second World War you had to protect yourself from weapons. Fighting against the Coronavirus, on the other hand, meant having to deal with an invisible enemy. It was two difficult times, but I got out of both cases. ” These are the first words of Natale Vena, a 93-year-old “young man” who just defeated Covid-19, after more than 50 days of hospitalization in the infectious diseases department of the Matera hospital.

Vena, who lives in the hamlet of Tinchi, was hospitalized on March 24, after having had a fever for a few days. «I had difficulty breathing. Being also an asthmatic subject, we called our family doctor who, after visiting me, thought it appropriate to alert the 118. So I was hospitalized, where I was subjected to a tampon during the day. I was hoping for a negative outcome, but it was not so. And for me and my family, a long and tiring story began. ” Vena, as they also confirmed from the hospital, had only one thought: to go home to take care of his wife, who has other health problems. «Instead, I was hospitalized for 56 days. Convulsed for me, for family members and health personnel. Days, however, also full of expectation, of hope ». The fixed thought was his wife, “who needed my closeness.”

Just this thought made him tenacious in the fight against that invisible enemy. A thought sign of a faithful and lasting love. Made granite from 68 years of married life. “I invite everyone to make life a continuous love response. Intended not only as sentiment, but above all donation and dedication ». Feelings that supported him in those days of “an immense difficulty. At first I didn’t understand why nobody came to visit me. I was crying and suffering terribly. Then, a door swung open. My parents sent a phone and so I saw them almost every day: with teary eyes I asked him to come and get me ». In this context, he said, “doctors and nurses have always been close. They guarded and cared for me. Above all Raffaella, one of the nurses, was a point of reference. An angel, because he gave me so much love. I want to thank you, just as I thank all those who have kept me ». Vena then concluded with a message: “Love life. Fight when it gets tough. Life is beautiful and God never leaves us, even when he seems to forget us ».

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