Pink Floyd, Roger Waters: “Shine On You Crazy Diamond is not dedicated to Syd Barrett”


As all Pink Floyd lovers know, Shine On You Crazy Diamond it is one of the most famous songs in the entire discography of the British band. A song that, in most cases, has been considered as one extreme form of dedication to Syd Barrett, the first great British training leader who had to abandon the band, under the pressure of the same, because of his mental problems, which led him to be increasingly alienated from the context of training. In fact, as far as the story goes Shine On You Crazy Diamond often associated with the figure of Syd Barrett, Roger Waters has always stressed that this possibility is not, in reality, ascertained, since the theme on which the song is based is much wider than one might believe. In this regard, we want to talk to you about Roger Waters’ statements to better understand his point of view.

The story of Shine On You Crazy Diamond

We want, in order to put you inside the reality of Shine On You Crazy Diamond, tell you about the story of the famous song by Pink Floyd, with a total length of 26 minutes and published on September 15, 1975, included in the Wish You Were Here concept album, although the song had already been on tour a year earlier, in 1974. The song is composed of 9 parts, although for convenience it is divided into two within the album itself, for record reasons. The first part occupies 5 sections of the suite and is present on the A side of the album, while the second part, from the sixth to the ninth section, is present on the B side of the album.

Roger Waters’ statements about Syd Barrett

Although at the end of Shine On You Crazy Diamond there is a concrete tribute to Syd Barrett, given the use of the synthesizer that mentions the melody by See Emily Play, one of the first songs published by Syd Barrett with Pink Floyd, the song itself cannot be constituted as a form of dedication towards the first great leader of the British band.

As i have always pointed out Pink Floyd, especially Roger Waters, the theme on which the song is based is much broader and cannot be limited to the character of Syd Barrett alone, although his presence is remarkable and also ascertained within theWish You Were Here album. These were Roger Waters’ statements in question: “However ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ is not a piece about Syd: he is just a symbol of all those extremes that people are led to abandon themselves to, because this is the only way he has to face this damned sadness of modern life: withdraw completely “

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