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Pininfarina turns 90 today. On 22 May 1930 Battista Farina, known as Pinin, signed the deed of incorporation of the Pinin Farina anonymous body company in Turin. Shortly afterwards, Pinin’s first custom-made car, the Lancia Dilambda, came out of the factory in Corso Trapani, Turin.

The company’s plan is to create luxury and luxury cars and its name soon becomes a guarantee of exclusivity between sovereigns, diplomats, sheikhs and actors.

Thus began an adventure that would have gone through three generations and profound social, economic and technical changes.
Pininfarina – iconic brand, synonymous with beauty and elegance – has made many masterpieces in these 90 years: from the 1937 Lancia Aprilia Berlinetta Aerodinamica, to the 1955 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider, to the Alfa Romeo 1600 Duetto, to the Dino Berlinetta Speciale, at over 100 Ferraris. In 1951, he brought four-wheeled design to the MoMa galleries in New York for the first time.

Today Pininfarina also operates in architecture and industrial design and is a worldwide group with 700 employees, offices in Italy, Germany, China and the United States, listed since 1986, and included in the Italian Listed Brands basket in which Borsa Italiana collects the 22 best Italian brands of listed companies.
The anniversary included a series of international events postponed due to the pandemic, but was nonetheless celebrated with a digital trip on the group’s social profiles.

“We will launch in 2021 – announced Paolo Pininfarina, president of the company – an international contest open to all students of design and architecture schools and universities. A unique initiative that will involve the community of young creatives. Our celebrations have been strongly penalized by the pandemic, but following our approach of transforming difficulties into opportunities, we decided to celebrate our 90 + 1 anniversary by rescheduling all our events in 2021 “, explained Paolo Pininfarina. “Pininfarina was born during the great crisis of 1929, it faced the Second World War, the energy crisis of the seventies, the global crisis of 2008. Today we are experiencing an important phase of change. This crisis will also be an opportunity. design will play a key role. In these 90 years – he said – there have been good times and bad times, but we have always continued under the banner of innovation and without ever losing sight of our values. The identity of Pininfarina in 2020 it is the same as in the 1930s: the centrality of design, the aesthetic sense capable of creating beauty, the obsession with quality, the strength of a tradition that combines industry, technology and stylistic research “.

“The car – the managing director of Pininfarina, Silvio Pietro Angori – is in the DNA of Pininfarina, but the weight of other sectors of the group, such as architecture and urban planning, will gradually grow. Our designers will be called to new challenges We have projects where industrial and digital design meet. In some cases alone, in others with partners: We will make announcements after the summer. ” A glorious story of an emblematic group of the Italian style, who designed masterpieces and in 1951 brought four-wheeled design to the galleries of the MoMa in New York for the first time, “We have been designing the future for 90 years. My dream is what can be said of Pininfarina who, through design, has helped to design a better world for our children and grandchildren, “said Angori in a webinar on the company’s Facebook and Youtube pages, organized on the occasion of the ninetieth birthday. “Design has the ability to continuously innovate, improving people’s lives and providing answers to imagine a new future. This is something that Pininfarina has always done and will continue to do because it is our mission. As a design company we have the task more exciting: to imagine and create the future. We combine technology with emotions “, explained Angori. “Pininfarina will be able to apply the knowledge it has acquired in the car in every sector: from means of transport, to everyday objects, to interior design to architecture. We can design the interior of a car or private jet, an apartment, a charging station for electric cars. Design must listen to people’s feelings, conceive environments in which human beings can enjoy their own private safe space without feeling isolated. We need to rethink tomorrow’s houses, offices, cinemas , gyms, public transport, communication services. The humanization of technologies will make people feel reassured. In ten years we will meet again to celebrate a world that Pininfarina will have contributed to creating “.

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