Piedmont, mandatory outdoor masks for the bridge on June 2nd


Piedmont, mandatory outdoor masks for the bridge on June 2nd

Piedmont, masks outdoor mandatory for the bridge June 2. The governor Cirio: fault of nightlife and too many gathered in the square to see the passage of the Tricolor arrows. Obligatory masks in the open air, therefore, in Piedmont, in the inhabited centers and in the commercial areas, on the long bridge of 2 June. The President of the Region, Alberto Cirio, signed the ordinance valid from May 29 to Republic Day.

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The obligation does not apply while practicing sport and physical activity. Cirio specifies that the measure was taken “in light of what happened in recent days with the nightlife and during the passage of the Frecce Tricolori”.

Virus, Italy bulletin: deaths (117) and new infections (584) are growing, 65% of these in Lombardy

Weather, clouds on the “June 2” bridge: thunderstorms and hailstorms arrive on Friday

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