Piazza Affari, it’s time to do stock picking – Scauri (Lemanik)


->investment-savingsAndrea Scauri – Italian equity manager of Lemanik – reported that after the sharp drop in world indices in March following the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the partial recovery in April / early May, world stock indices are in a sort of middle ground, with forces pushing in opposite directions. According to the expert, Piazza Affari is not immune from these dynamics, with the further issue related to the strong contraction of domestic GDP (above the European average), to which must be added the fact that the difficult negotiation with the European Union on the amount and possible non-reimbursement of recovery funds represents an element of evaluation in interpreting the market trend.

“Our idea is that, within the list of Piazza Affari, never before will it be necessary to carry out careful stock picking, both at the sectoral level and of individual names, to ride the trends with the greatest chance of recovery from today’s extremely depressed levels “, explained Andrea Scauri.


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